Reuse Planning

Working Group Leaders:

  • Marc Gerdeman, City of Toledo, Division of Environmental Services
  • Brian Pertz, Lucas County Port Authority
  • Paul Hollenbeck, Toledo Design Center
  • Rey Boezi, Toledo Design Center
Key Initiatives Related Groups Responsible Entity Potential Funding Sources Timeframe
Obtain legal access to key brownfield areas (Maplewood and Berdan areas)
Action Steps:

  • Obtain access agreements from owners to Berdan and Maplewood focus area properties
  • Use legal authority to access property without tax foreclosure proceedings
  • If unable, pursue tax foreclosure via the City of Toledo or Port Authority
OEPA is checking with their legal department to allow City officials right of entry per nuisance abatement ordinance.
Conduct Environmental Assessments
Action Steps:

  • Utilize Ohio EPA Targeted Brownfield Assessment procedures
Berdan Area early next year for TBA. Maplewood TBD
Prepare Focus Areas for Redevelopment
Action Steps:

  • Demolish Castle Road and Maplewood focus area buildings
  • Potentially cleanup focus area properties
  • Create land assembly plan for focus areas
-Neighborhood Improvements-Vacant Land-Safety -City of Toledo-Lucas County Land Bank-Port Authority -U.S. EPA Cleanup Grant- Possible Blight or Demolition Grants 2016
Stabilize Existing Housing
Action Steps:

  • Use HOME funds to do emergency improvements
  • Use City buyback program
-Neighborhood Improvements-Vacant Land-Safety -City of Toledo-Lucas County Land Bank-Port Authority -U.S. EPA Cleanup Grant- Possible Blight or Demolition Grants 2016
Focus on Developing New Housing
Action Steps:

  • Create new housing for hospital employees
  • Create new housing for others
  • Pilot market housing/retrofits
-Neighborhood Improvements-Vacant Land-Safety -City of Toledo-Lucas County Land Bank-Port Authority -U.S. EPA Cleanup Grant- Possible Blight or Demolition Grants 2016
Evaluate best future neighborhood uses (focusing on residential area bounded by Detroit, Berdan, railroad, and Central)
Action Steps:

  • Conduct a detailed assessment to determine the viability and quality of the area if continued as residential
  • Utilize OWENI Success Measures data to assist with the assessment
  • Make a Yes or No decision to proceed with residential
– Neighborhood Services-NeighborWorks -NeighborWorks-TDC-City of ToledoNeighborhoods -Global Green
Identify neighborhood improvement strategies
Action Steps:

  • Focus on redesigning Collingwood Boulevard as a key neighborhood connection/corridor
  • Utilize TMACOG Complete Streets guidelines to inform a re-design of Collingwood north of Central and create connections
  • Make Detroit Avenue more compatible with future land uses
  • Improve the intersection of Detroit and Central focusing on access and gateways
  • Focus on improved safety along this corridor
  • Work with City and Land Bank resources to incorporate green infrastructure elements
– Neighborhood Improvements
– Abandoned and Vacant Land Management
-City of Toledo Neighborhoods -LEED housing updates-Rental Property-Tax incentives
Coordinate land assembly actions with Abandoned and Vacant Land Group
Action Steps:

  • Target Detroit Avenue between the railroad
  • Target Central Avenue between Collingwood Boulevard and Cherry Street
  • Freeze side lot transfer
– Neighborhood Improvements
– Vacant Land
-Low-Income Tax Credit for Housing
Focus on mixed-used redevelopment areas
Action Steps:

  • Form a public/private partnership to facilitate redevelopment
  • Identify a lead entity to create a development partnership
  • Finalize reuse alternatives
  • Arrange funding mechanisms
  • Build and tenant new center.
-Mercy St. V-LISC-TDC-Cherry St. Legacy

-Land Bank

-Mercy St. V’s-Port Authority’sCommunity Economic Development Initiative-City of Toledo


5-year implementation process
Coordinate with local partners to attract new neighborhood businesses
Action Steps:

  • Work with ECDI, RGP, and LISC to support business attraction efforts
  • Consider options of a multi-tenant commercial building with central control of lease agreements
-Code Enforcement
Coordinate evaluation of potential future uses with Neighborhood Framework group
Action Steps:

  • Utilize OWENI Success Measures survey to inform the process
 -Neighborhood Framework
Develop a vacant land reuse plan
Action Steps:

  • Consider zoning, redevelopment opportunities, and passive land management
  • Develop a green pattern book to assist with more innovative reuse and development plans
  • Vita Nuova to transfer GIS database to the City of Toledo as part of their overall City GIS system
-TDC- City of Toledo
Facilitate strategic ownership of vacant land or abandoned homes to best serve the neighborhood
Action Steps:

  • Gain cooperation from a range of public and private partners
  • Determine on a lot-by-lot basis the most appropriate ownership
Coordinate reuse potential with Brownfield Redevelopment Group
Action Steps:

  • Investigate reasonable reuse options for vacant land
Coordinate evaluation of neighborhood improvement strategies with Neighborhood Framework group
Action Steps:

  • Investigate green infrastructure possibilities (e.g., stormwater mitigation, urban agriculture)
  • Investigate the possibility of a sustainable demonstration house built with recycled materials and sustainable building practices(prototype houses)
 -Global Green     (research)