Youth Engagement Continuing Efforts


ToledoAWP is continuously working to meet its key initiatives and goals outlined during its rounds of outreach and brainstorming in October 2014 and March 2015.

Over thirty percent of our population is classified as “youth”, 18-years-old and younger. This provides our area with a great opportunity to teach basic job skills and get youth engaged in the betterment of our community.  We have the opportunity to change lives and transform community liabilities into community capabilities.

When our youth was asked the question of what they needed to graduate from high school, their answers included safe activities and places in the neighborhood, things to do in the summer, mentors, job training, employment and help with money management.

We believe these can be achieved through community outreach.  In the summer of 2015 we had dozens of youth engaged in repurposing lots, cleaning up the neighborhood, and responsible dog training.  ToledoAWP recognizes several other partners that have been committed to this same goal.



Young Toledo Speaks Up

At the ToledoAWP Partners Workshop in March of 2015, Toledo Resident Zoe Willhight spoke eloquently about the future of the community. Take a look at a video of her speech below.




The Toledo YES Project

The Toledo YES Project paints several houses annually in partnership with the Hospital.  The Hospital buys the paint from a  historic pallet of colors that the home owners pick out.  The mission of Toledo YES Project is two-fold:

1. To teach high school students the value of volunteering and encourage them to strengthen and develop a relationship with God, and

2. To bring the love of Christ and His healing presence to those whom we serve.

This is achieved by participating in projects serving homeowners, non-profit organizations and children from shelters throughout the Toledo area.

Youth groups paint the houses in July.  Applications to get your house painted need to be in by April. Visit their website at for more information.


University of Toledo

This summer the University of Toledo presented a two-week class on GIS training, geography and urban planning.  The students learned how data can drive the revitalization process of a neighborhood.  The students walked the neighborhood and mapped out issues that were of concern for them and offered potential solutions.  These students presented their final project to the Mayor and neighborhood leadership as well as the City of Toledo.  This class will be repeated in the summer of 2016.  Look for the Opportunity to sign up!


Toledo PET Bull Project

The goal of the Toledo PET Bull Project is to Prevent animal cruelty including dog fighting, Educate dog owners on the importance of spay and neutering, and offer free Trainings t ohelp owners become good citizens and advocates for their dogs, whatever the breed.  For more, visit their website at

There are many youth outreach programs including the Teacher’s PET Program that pairs at risk youth with our hard to adopt & foster dogs for a multi-week workshop in education and dog training for the benefit of both the youth and the dog.  PET Safety Class is an hour long class for kids ages 5 – 11 with videos, handouts and more.  Humane Education Classes give presentations for teens on animal cruelty and the effects dog fighting has on a community.  In the Pawsitive Youth Training program, teens have the opportunity to teach their dog good manners and how to take them through an agility course.  It teaches pet responsibility and how to bond with your pet.  Pawsitive Reading Program is held at local libraries.  Children are seated with a special canine companion and read out loud to them.  This has proven to help build confidence with public reading and speaking.



Our goal is to structure programming in a way to build microbusinesses in the community, provide job training and an 8 week summer job for youth and young adults.

Come join us in figuring this out!


Key Initiative ToledoAWP Document 

May 2015. Click here to download.