From Murder Alley to the Coolest Street in Toledo

August 10, 2016

From Murder Alley to Glory Road

Once known for violence, squatters and illicit drug-related and gang activity, the Cherry Street Legacy Neighborhood has reinvented itself with the help of the Green Team.  The Green Team, a project lead by Karen Rogalski, Mercy Health Cherry Street Legacy Coordinator, offers kids ages 16-20, in the surrounding neighborhood summer work experience and teaches that well-functioning communities are everyone’s responsibility. Teaming up with Mercy Hospital to plant the “seeds of change”, and in partnership with Elizabeth Harris, Founder of Glass City Goat Gals, this neighborhood transformation boasts well-tended gardens and a robust community space. Rogalski commented on this transformation: “It’s all about changing the environment and when you change the environment to a positive place you actually reduce crime and stabilize neighborhoods”.  Formerly known as “Murder Alley”, pollinator and butterfly gardens, along with “Wednesday” the goat, all contribute to the positive vibe of today’s “coolest street in Toledo”.  Watch the video by clicking the image above or click here.