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Cherry Street Legacy Project
Karen Rogalski , Coordinator/Facilitator
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cherry streetThe Cherry St. Legacy Project is anchored at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. The mission of the hospital is to improve the health of the community with a focus on the poor and the undeserved. The Cherry Legacy project brings together multiple neighborhoods around the hospital to create a Health District where people want to live, work and visit. The Project strives to build the neighborhood as a place of evident pride with a strong social fabric, and a safe and walkable area with a solid infrastructure where people interact positively and work together. It is a data driven, neighborhood led initiative.

The Project brings together both neighborhood residents and experts to determine the best alternatives to move the neighborhood forward.  LISC assisted in the development of the first Cherry St.Legacy Plan in 2005 with community input and participation from Lagrange, Warren Sherman, Neighborhood In Partnership and North River CDCs. The Plan provides guidance on how the Medical Center can help facilitate the stabilization of the neighborhoods surrounding the hospital. The plan was finalized in 2009 and adopted by the Toledo Plan Commission in January 2011. With a 2010 Neighborhood Housing Services contract to develop and implement an analysis of the neighborhood, the Project has held multiple meetings with the public, performed one-on-one interviews with over 200 residents, and assessed over 600 neighborhood structures. With this information and the expertise of its partners, the Project has passed ordinances and taken steps to improve the neighborhood, including upgrading lighting, resurfacing and repaving roads, structuring partnerships with police and others to reduce crime, demolishing blighted homes, building new homes with NeighborWorks Toledo Region and Ohio Housing Finance Agency, and completing over 150 side lot parcels with the Landbank and the residents.

cherry streetcherry street
More About Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center


Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center has worked to stabilize the area surrounding its campus for many years. In addition to providing much needed medical services and employment for the area’s residents, it initiated the Cherry St. Legacy project in 2008 and developed the Cherry St. Legacy Plan in 2009. Since the plans creation we have built 41 new green homes that won the Energy Star Award for most affordable housing on a National level in 2015.

We carry out an ongoing stakeholder engagement process to address community issues such as crime, neighborhood improvements and health and wellbeing.

Since the new President and CEO, Thomas Arquilla, assumed the position in 2014, a new and broader articulation of the hospital’s aspirations is taking shape. The hospital hopes to have a revitalizing effect from I 475 to the Greenbelt Parkway. Working with a broad array of partners the hospital hopes to create a renaissance along the lines of Cleveland’s “Miracle Mile” in Toledo. The hospital is currently working on a one, three and five year implementation plan that will include funding strategy, acquisition strategy, neighborhood revitalization strategy and marketing strategy.

The hospital is embarking on its own business campaign including an expanded emergency department on Cherry Street and has completed 18,000 sq. ft. clinics in surrounding communities to provide ready access to Mercy Services.
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