Lucas County Department of Planning and Development

Moving-from-Chicago-to-Toledo-Ohio-Move-to-Toledo-Illinois-to-OH-300x2251The Lucas County Department of Planning and Development provides services that are targeted to meet the needs of both area employers and job-seekers. The Agency coordinates, facilitates, and documents the activities of the one-stop system: a partnership of government, non-profit, and private sector workforce and economic development organizations.

Agency staff work in cooperation with these service providers to help job-seekers find quality employment, employed workers find better jobs, and businesses to find skilled and job-ready employees. The Agency serves the universal customer: all job-seekers, from entry-level to executive level, and small businesses to major corporations.

The Lucas County Workforce Investment Board is the executive decision-making body that helps guide the activities of the Department. The Workforce Investment Board is comprised of leaders from business, economic development, education, labor, and other community-based organizations.

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