Toledo Design Center

307661_124297467738044_899355125_nThe TDC is a non-profit, totally volunteer, organization of Architects, Landscape Architects and Planners guided by the principle that good design and planning can make a difference. The TDC was founded almost 15 years ago by Robert Seyfang, AIA who was inspired by the impact similar organizations had made in other cities. The TDC has an extremely active Board and it’s volunteer efforts most recently include City adopted Master Plans for Downtown Toledo, the adjacent Warehouse District and the Uptown Neighborhood. These three plans alone represent thousands of hours of volunteer time assisted by paid interns funded through contributions from the Downtown Toledo Development Corporation, AIA Toledo and stakeholders within the planning boundaries.
The TDC believes the best planning occurs when the process is broadly inclusive, transparent, and puts a strong emphasis on building broad based consensus and stressing implementation strategies along with inspiring people to see how realistic physical enhancements could transform the quality of their community.

We believe our region can only truly thrive when our Downtown and the neighborhoods that surround it are great places to live, work, learn and play; helping make that happen is our motivation and our goal.